WSK „PZL- KROSNO” S.A.manufactures tanks of capacity from  50 - 50 000 liters,vertical or horyzontal, insulated or not insulated. These tanks can be fixed with refrigerating system of stored products.

We offer:


-tanks to storage of milk and other liquid food articles

- excise tanks with approval type according to Main Measure Office

- ice ripening tanks

- pasteurizers of capacity 500l and 900 l

- tanks for water insulated and not insulated

- technological tanks – tubs for cheese

- tanks of capacity 200 l with mixer and cleaning heads for milk, juice etc.

- tanks for pharmaceutical industry


General data about tanks:

- capacity to 50 000 l

- made with stainless steel ( AISI 304 or 316)

- outer surface with stainless steel

- insulation- polyurethane foam or mineral wool


Tanks are equipped with:

- mixer,

- ladder with walkway

- CIP cleaning system

-side or top manholes

- valve

- electronic measurement of the liquid quantity
- system indicating the minimum and maximum filling


Technical details are individually agreed with Customer.