Milk cooling tanks are designed and manufactured by WSK”PZL-Krosno”S.A. They have esthetic and function advantages and very good technical- using specification.

The milk cooling tanks are designed for pre-cooling of milk and other liquid food articles with the density by 1100 kg/m3 from a temperature of 35°C to a temperature 4°C in time not longer then 2,5 hours and ambient  temperature of 29°C. The milk cooling tanks work in the direct expansion of cooling system as follows the milk is cooled directly by walls of evaporator that is placed on the bottom of the tank. All elements of milk cooling tanks are made of stainless steel. The tank has got an isothermal insulation of polyurethane foam made by polyurethane foaming process. The milk cooling tanks are fitted with refrigerating units working with an ecological refrigerant