WSK"PZL-Krosno"SA specializes into manufacturig of tanks, tank-trailers, tank-semitraliers that are destined to transport  liquid food products such as milk, edible oil, chocolate, starch product, etc.
We offer tanks from 1500 l to 33 000 l capacity and they are mounted on the various type of chassis as on the trailers, semi-trailers according to customer wishes

The tanks  are made of stainless steel. Outer surfaces are made with round-spotted or grinded technology. The section of tank can be elliptical or suitcase or round type. Depends from Customer’s requirements tanks can be insulated or not insulated. The insulation (according to ATP standard ) is made  of polyurethane foam with thickness 60mm .  Tanks can be equipped with heating system, options of tank’s filling and emptying and eventually CIP cleaning system depending on the application  of tank.